UHID® app helps you to access your health data anytime, anywhere.....


At UHID (Unique Health Identification) we care for You and Your health, We help you keep your health records and medical data at the tip of your fingers.


By registering to UHID you get a Unique Identification number which you can use it for any of your health records, by just showing the same to any medical practitioner or hospitals they can get all your medical records with your consent at the blink of an eye.



We give you the platform where you can store all your heath record and health appointments.

We give you the access to keep track of entire healthy living. We ease your burden of carrying your old medical files.

Why UHID® ?

Any Device


Manage Family Mambers

Upload Or Click

Free to Use

Application Based On Blockchain

Use and access UHID on any device!

UHID is secured with bank-level security!

Add your family member to application and take care for everyone.

Application is fully developed on Block-chain technology.

UHID is free to use for consumers!

Upload your health data or Click it's picture!

We at UHID are creating something that will help the entire human race in future, we have started small with digitizing health documents and sharing them whomsoever we want, whenever we want. It gives a unique ID and that will remain with you…forever.

"India’s 1st Mobile Platform for all Your Health and Medical Records"

Unique Health Identification System