Technology is now the central stage of our modern global society and is shaping how businesses will grow in the future. The demand for highly qualified technical candidates is growing, resulting in a fierce and competitive talent marketplace. With our proprietary database, we can identify and connect you with top talent quickly and within budget
Many important functions are accomplished by skilled and highly educated professionals. Senior and middle management, accounting, legal, marketing, and administrative roles all require careful consideration and vetting. Zynom helps you identify and onboard the people who have displayed the business acumen and competencies to drive the business forward at every level.
We excel at continuously recruiting quality business and technology professionals with the specialized skills you need, and we provide expert leadership to see your project through.
We strive to increase our understanding of your business needs, allowing our dedicated management and recruiting teams to be proactive, ensuring we have the right person at the right time to meet and exceed your requirements.

As a Technology driver, we also help companies with the talent we trust on. Each candidate is pre-screened by a well-qualified Recruiter and a Technology screening is done by Industry professional in the same domain. Permanent/Temporary staffing: @Zynom, Both are customized to meet specific client needs.
Short-term projects require highly specialized skills and benefit from an infusion of the latest technical abilities. We draw on our research and profiling instruments to recruit and retain top-level contractors for organizations with rapidly changing IT staffing needs.
Each of our Recruiters are well trained to communicate and screen the candidates wisely. They are also trained on how to reach these qualified candidates. We also try to help candidates get good pay rates so we don’t compromise on quality (skills)


We inspire individuals and organizations to work more effectively and efficiently, and create greater choice in the domain of work, for the benefit of all concerned. As the world’s leading provider of HR solutions – a business that has a positive impact on millions of people every day – we are conscious of our global role. Helping people to better work, a better life is our common purpose and the way in which we contribute to society.


The world of work is constantly changing and Zynom is one of the leading forces shaping that change. With a growing demand for both flexible and skilled workforces, we have two distinct approaches to the market. For positions that require general skills, we offer our clients tailored solutions, focusing on industry know-how and cost leadership. This also means ensuring continuity and nurturing long-term relationships with associates. To fill positions requiring specialized professional skills, we have experts who can find the right candidates. Our aim is to provide consecutive assignments, ensuring talent retention and skill enhancement for our associates.

In both approaches to the market, it is our goal to focus on operational excellence, specialization, and efficient delivery models. As the global leader in HR services, we are aware that traditional patterns of employment will continue to evolve in the years to come. We, therefore, encourage present and future generations to see change as an opportunity in its multiple forms. We invite people to accept tomorrow’s challenges with confidence and to join us in shaping the future of the workplace.

Mobile Application

Zynom is one of the best enterprise mobile application development companies in India. Our expertise lies in building IoT, Android and iOS applications supported by a strong cloud based backend infrastructure. Now our key focus is the Internet of Things(IoT) & Wearables. We have expertise in different IoT protocols and have delivered products successfully to our customers. We are one of them who understood the buzz of IoT and got expertise in IoT technology in the early-stage. We are well-versed with WiFi, WiFi direct, Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE), Bluetooth 2.0, iBeacon, Zigbee and NFC technologies.

Why to Choose Zynom For Your Mobile Apps Development?

Smart phones have a great potential to build a market for your business. We help you utilize this potential to reach a larger section of customers by just a few clicks of your palm. With the help of cutting edge technology and the use of simple to use mobile first technology, we help you expanding your market by using the mobile platform at its best.

Zynom started its journey in 2010, as a mobile application development company in India, and has helped wide range of organizations from Startups to Enterprises. In the process, we have acquired high degree of proficiency and competency in delivering profitable, user-centric & robust end-to-end enterprise technology solutions to our customers. Our agile development philosophy ranked us as one of the top reliable mobile app development companies by our clients.

We strive to delight our client with the best, resilient& user centric mobile apps. We work closely with you to ensure your requirements are met.

Quality: We ensure you the world-class quality mobile apps by using new technologies in the optimal way User-Centric: We understand the intent of mobile apps for your business and we build resilient, thoughtful & user-friendly mobile apps 7+ Years Experienced Team: Your mobile app will be developed by 7+ years experienced engineering team who are well-versed with trending technologies Effective Communication & Project Management: We believe that effective communication improves the relationship and resolves the conflicts

We have developed numerous mobile apps for different sectors ranging from healthcare to entertainment. We have delivered high quality products with 100% customer satisfaction. We strive to serve our clients the best mobile applications. We differentiate ourselves with other mobile apps development companies in India in terms of delivering high quality product with world-class UI/UX.

Web Application Development

Zynom Solutions is a web application development company, we have been creating quality web applications since 2011, consistently gaining new insights into what makes a perfect web application. Our focus always remains on how we can achieve the objectives laid out in the most efficient and user friendly manner.

Web application development includes many stages, from high level strategy, accurate planning, necessary research, business consulting, design, programming, testing and training. Through this complete process we remain clear and transparent with our clients without any misleading promises. Our web applications are not only well-designed, but also business ready from day 1.

The central operation engine of a web system is the designed business logic in the code. Clean programming code is required so that the software performs effectively and its easy to maintain long term. Our programmers are very aware of how important the website performance is for your business’ success. Sites are often built to accommodate all of the major search engines allowing an efficient and effective crawling of web pages that are optimized for specific search keywords.

As a company that has a dedicated long term web application management team we document all processes well and maintain high standards so that the code is easily managed and upgraded in the future. Our testing team ensures our software confirms to the latest web standards in addition to fast web page loading times, increased usability and web designed interfaces.

Zynom invests in good work ethics and actively pursues long term support contracts for our web applications. We do not compromise on quality nor do we allow our cost effectiveness to ebb in the processes we use. All of the services we offer greatly benefit our clients, providing their users with a satisfying interaction with their site, and finally producing a greater return on their investments.

If you are in the market for a web application development company give us a call to learn how we can help build your app.